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Free Benefits for your Employees?!?!

I recently reviewed my employees benefits options with my long time friend and insurance broker James Harvey of Oberlander Dorfman.

SBA ARC loan $35,000 Stimulus - America's Recovery Act

To our valued clients:

How to hire a bookkeeper - Part III - Experience

Experience –Second to education when choosing a bookkeeper is experience. There are two things to look for when reviewing a candidate’s experience:

How to hire a bookkeeper - Part II - Education

Education, education, education – One of the first things I look for when qualifying a candidate is their educational background. Accounting principles are not easily learned, I have found that candidates who lack formal education in basic to intermediate accounting have a hard time grasping the complete “picture” that is necessary to be a competent bookkeeper.

How to hire a bookkeeper - Part I - Introduction

Over the years I have had new clients come to me in complete despair. They may have gone through several bookkeepers, and their books are now a terrible mess. They may have had a bookkeeper commit fraudulent acts, sometimes over a period of many years undiscovered by the business owner or the accountant. They may very well just be a new business owner who doesn’t want anything at all to do with the financial aspect of their business other than getting the information they need to make valuable decisions.

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